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1989 - 1991 Camberwell College of Art, London SE15. BA Hons 3.D Design Silversmithing/Metalwork.

1996-1998 The Royal College of Art, London SW7. M.A Goldsmithing/Silversmithing/Metalwork/Jewellery.




May 1997 Winner of ‘Veuve Cliquot’ ice bucket design.

Oct 1997 Makower Silver award.

May 1998 Renaissance Art award.

Jan 1999 Selected for C.A.A Millenium piece.

March 1999 Awarded Crafts Council ‘setting up’ grant.

June 1999 Peugeot design award for glass and ceramics.




May 1997 Veuve Cliquot exhibition, Paris.

May 1998 ‘A rebirth of quality’ OXO Tower, London.

July 1998 Gallery Marzee, Amsterdam.

Sept 1998 100% Design, Earls Court, London.

Oct 1998 ‘Festival of British Design’ Stilwerk, Hamburg.

Nov 1998 ‘Dazzle’ The Royal National Theatre, London.

Feb 1999 Galerie Sofie Lachaert, Antwerp.

March 1999 ‘Decade’ Villa De Bont, Ghent.

June 1999 Puegeot Design Awards, OXO Tower, London.

Sept 1999 ‘Emerging Talents’ Lesley Craze Gallery, London.

Sept 1999 ‘Showcase’ C.A.A, London.

Nov 1999 Nexus Gallery, Edinburgh.

Feb 2000 ‘Contemporary Decorative Arts’ Southerbys, London.

April 2000 The White Gallery, Brighton.

Aug 2000 Scottish Gallery.

Sept 2000 Crafts Council, London.

Nov 2000  Crafts Council at V&A, London.

Dec 2000 C.A.A London.

March 2001 Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea.

July 2001 C.A.A, London.

Sept 2001 Villa De Bont, Ghent.

Feb 2002 Crafts Council, London.

May 2002 C.A.A, London.

Sept 2003 London Olympia antiques Fair.

Dec 2003 Scottish Gallery.






FT Arts and Business Awards 2000.




Contemporary Art Society, Birmingham and City Council.

Royal College of Arms, London.




May 1999 OXO Tower directory.

June 1999 ‘on the table’ The observer Magazine.

Sept 1999 ‘Food News’ Harpers and Queen.

Oct 1999 The Crafts Magazine.

Nov 1999 Peugeot Design Awards Promotion.

Feb 2000 The Times.

Feb 2001 Crafts Magazine.

Sept 2002 IDFX.

Oct 2003 Home and Gardens.


As a MA Silvesmith graduate from the Royal College of Art, I re-located back to the South Lakes in 2008 where I originate from after a substancial period of Lecturing within Higher Education.